The Rosie


Over the last few weeks there have been several instances where people have been found in breach of club rules. There have been several people found fishing without permits and promptly removed from the lake.  There have been quite a few members and day ticket anglers found fishing with no landing net or unhooking mat, line which is far heavier than 10lb, barbed hooks and fixed leads.  There have also been two members banned from the club for throwing fish into the bushes, this was reported by some of our regular anglers.  Bailiffs arrived along with the police and the culprits were removed from the lake and now face prosecution. 

The bailiff team are at the lake a lot and anybody found to be in breach of these rules will be asked to leave.  For members who continue to breach these rules the club will have no option but to issue a ban from the club.

Bailiffs may occasionally ask to do a rig check whilst you are fishing, if this happens please do not be offended, we just want to make sure the rules are being followed.  This is all to make sure we look after the fish for everybody to enjoy.

Thank you

The Bailiff Team.

The Rosie

During the spring the club has carried out lots of work at the Rosie.  The team removed the cormorant lines in early spring and since then have been on the banks regularly.  The bailiffs have been strimming the banks, clearing the island, removing and replanting lilly pads and lots of other activities which keep the pool looking as good as it does.

We have also introduced 100 8-10 inch Tench and around 150 Gudgeon to the lake.  These have settled in brilliantly and are already showing up in peoples nets.

POACHING - The Rosie Pool.

The bailiff team would like to let all members know that we have found a poachers line up at the Rosie on the morning of the 25th of Feb.  The lakes are checked regularly and this was found hidden in some of the bank side vegetation.  Checks at both lakes will now be stepped up in response to this. The incident has also been reported to both the NRW and the Police.  Please can all members, day ticket holders and dog walkers keep an eye out.  Please report any suspicious behavior to the bailiff team on the telephone numbers on the notice boards, or via the Facebook page.


Thank you

The Bailiff Team


CQAC Match on the Rosie Pool - 25th Feb 2018

Yesterday the club held a match on the Rosie pool.  Despite the cold conditions seventeen anglers were out on the bank wetting a line.  The lake fished hard on the majority of pegs with one or two exceptions.  The match was won by Andy Amos, from peg 1, with a fantastic winter weight of 66lb.  Second was Ben Roberts, from peg 25, who weighed in with 32lb.  Alan Jones took third, from peg 30, with 8lb 12oz.  Behind the top three the weights were a lot lower but it just shows how the right peg and the right method will get you a great net of fish even in the bitter cold.  The full results list reads:

PEG1 66lb

PEG 3 3lb 9oz

PEG4 3lb 12oz

PEG5 2lb 8oz

PEG6 1lb 10oz

PEG7 4lb 6oz





PEG24 2lb 12oz

PEG25 32lb


PEG27 3lb



PEG30 8lb 12oz


Ben Roberts with his 32lb net of stockies which bagged him second overall.

Ben Roberts with his 32lb net of stockies which bagged him second overall.

Chalking Day - Tuesday 6th February 2018

Today, despite the bitter conditions and snow, the club bailiffs have been up at the Rosie with the boat.  We have applied roughly one tonne of Siltex Chalk across the lake.  This should now start breaking down the silt build up on the bottom of the pool and will greatly improve the water quality ready for the spring.  This is all part of an ongoing fishery management plan that will keep the lake and fish improving year on year. 

In addition to applying the chalk using the boat, we have also waded across either end of the pool and emptied several bags in by hand.  This was recommended by Andrew Ellis our fishery consultant.  Either end of the lake is where most of the leaf matter ends up settling due to the wind.  Wading through this whilst applying the chalk to these areas will churn all the silt and chalk together and hopefully help it work that little bit better. 

We would like to say a big thank you to Flintshire Countryside Services and the Ranger Team for transporting both the chalk and the boat to and from the lake for us.


Chalking the Rosie - Tuesday 6th February 2018

On the 6th of Feb the Rosie will be closed to anglers for the morning as we will be applying chalk to the lake.  We will have the boat in and be spreading the chalk all over the pool.  Any members are more than welcome to come and see it being done or lend a hand.  This will only take a couple of hours and the pool will be back open as soon as we are finished.

Thank you



Rosie Netting - 25th January 2018

Today Andrew Ellis and Ben Pinniger of AE Fisheries and BP Milling arrived at the Rosie to carry out our annual fish crop.  The club do this each year to cut back on the really small fish which take up valuable space and oxygen. Once removed this allows the rest of the fish to grow at much better rates. 

Around 8am this morning Andrew rowed a net out across one side of the island to split the lake into two.  Once the lake was split he rowed out a second net in a large swoop right around the far end of the lake and then started pulling it in.  To say we were amazed is an understatement, the amount of Roach, Rudd and Bream fry was unbelievable. Also the amount of good sized Crucian Carp that were in the net were an absolute joy to see.  The fish were scooped out of the big net using a landing net, then sorted in containers to split the good sized fish we want to keep from the fry that we need to take out of the lake.  On this first netting we had some great Crucians, Bream, Skimmers, Roach and Ide.

Then it was onto the other side where again Andrew rowed out his net in another big swoop until he settled in on peg 28 to start to pull the net in.  This net produced a mass of fish fry, along with good Crucians, some original Carp, Stockies, big Roach, Ide and Skimmers.  We also had a bit of a surprise when Andrew dipped down into the net and came out with a mountain bike of all things. 

With the fish graded and the keepers returned it was time to bag up the ones that were going.  These were put into clear plastic bags which were filled with oxygen and then sealed.  Overall we estimate around 400lb of fish were removed from the lake.  Mostly Roach, Rudd and Bream fry but also some of the Crucian x Goldfish and Crucian x Common Carp hybrids.  The club has donated these fish to Ynysmon Angling Association, another Welsh club, based on Anglesey. This club also run Junior events similar to our own and it will be nice to think that the fish from the Rosie will be helping get even more youngsters into the sport.

The club would like to say a massive thank you to both Andrew and Ben for the amazing job they did today.  Not only that but for the no-nonsense approach they have towards fishery management which has helped guide the club to where it is today in regards to the quality of our fish. Ben also did some filming at the lake, both of the netting itself and of Andrew talking about the quality of the fish.  Once the footage is available we will share this on our Facebook page.

With Andrews expertise and guidance we have followed a structured management plan to bring the best out of the club waters.  Partner this with the high quality substitute feed supplied by Ben from BP Milling that we feed the fish with throughout the year and we can see why the condition and size of fish improves year on year.  Please check both AE Fisheries and BP Milling out for more information.

Also if you are ever towards Anglesey and are looking for a local fishing club, please check out Ynysmon A.A.

Thank you to all involved including the members that came along and got to see what its all about.


Cormorant Update - 19th January 2018

Just a quick update on the Cormorant issue.  On Friday the club bailiffs dropped their plans and headed up to the Rosie.  We have adjusted a couple of the lines and closed a few gaps up.  Hopefully this will keep the birds off the lake. Could we please ask all members to keep an eye out though and report any further sightings.

Thank You


There has been a Cormorant on the Rosie this afternoon and the Bailiffs have been up to scare it away.  Hopefully we will be able to address the issue tomorrow.  Until then please can anybody who spots any Cormorants at the Rosie report the sighting to either the Bailiff team via the Facebook page, email: or on the numbers provided on the notice boards around the lake. Thank you.


Siltex - Tuesday 6th February 2018

On Tuesday 6th of Feb the bailiff team will be at the Rosie Pool for the morning applying Siltex to the lake.  The Siltex is a type of Chalk the we apply to the water at the beginning of each year.  Siltex is used as a natural alternative to dredging the silt from the lake bed, it is far less intrusive and does not harm the fish, animals or water quality.  The Siltex will, over time, break down the silt within the pool whilst also lowering acidity levels and providing essential Calcium to the plant and animal life at the Rosie.

The Ranger team will assist us by transporting both the Siltex and the club's boat to the lake.  The bailiffs will then empty bags of the Siltex over the side of the boat, all over the lake, running the boats propeller through it as we go.  This ensures the Siltex clouds up and disperses properly across the lake and does not sit in small piles on the lake bed.

Any members who wish to come along and see what goes on, lend a hand, or ask any questions are more than welcome.  Also don't forget AE Fisheries will be at the Rosie on the 25th January to net the fish and remove any small fish (under 3") in order to reduce the biomass of the pool and allow the rest of the fish to grow to their full potential.

We look forward to seeing you on the bank.  Here are some pictures of last years Chalking to give you an idea of what goes on.