CQAC Match on the Rosie Pool - 25th Feb 2018

Yesterday the club held a match on the Rosie pool.  Despite the cold conditions seventeen anglers were out on the bank wetting a line.  The lake fished hard on the majority of pegs with one or two exceptions.  The match was won by Andy Amos, from peg 1, with a fantastic winter weight of 66lb.  Second was Ben Roberts, from peg 25, who weighed in with 32lb.  Alan Jones took third, from peg 30, with 8lb 12oz.  Behind the top three the weights were a lot lower but it just shows how the right peg and the right method will get you a great net of fish even in the bitter cold.  The full results list reads:

PEG1 66lb

PEG 3 3lb 9oz

PEG4 3lb 12oz

PEG5 2lb 8oz

PEG6 1lb 10oz

PEG7 4lb 6oz





PEG24 2lb 12oz

PEG25 32lb


PEG27 3lb



PEG30 8lb 12oz


Ben Roberts with his 32lb net of stockies which bagged him second overall.

Ben Roberts with his 32lb net of stockies which bagged him second overall.

Match Weight Chart - January 2018

For anybody interested here is our match results from the Rosie pool over the last few years. Club treasurer James has kept a record of the weights so we can monitor how well the Rosie is fishing and get an idea of the size of fish coming out.  It is also useful as we can see where the fish feed best at different times of the year. The weights highlighted in red are the ones that placed with any weight with a * next to it being the winner. DNW means the angler did not weigh in.

Just a reminder that the club will be netting the Rosie on the morning of the 25th of January 2018.  Any members are more than welcome to come along and help out or just see what fish are caught in the nets.

match weights.png

Connahs Quay Angling Club Match List - 2018

All dates below are Sundays. *** indicates no match booked.

  • 14th January - Hampton Springs
  • 21st January ***
  • 28th January - Old Hough (Lower Benbo & Big Max)


  • 4th February- Lingmere
  • 11th February - Weston Pools
  • 18th February - Old Hough DFT only
  • 25th February - The Rosie pool (Wepre)


  • 4th March ***
  • 11th March - Old Hough DFT only
  • 18th March - Lingmere
  • 25th March - Weston Pools


  • 1st April - Old Hough (Upper Benbo & Lower Benbo)
  • 8th April - Hampton DFT only
  • 15th April - Lingmere
  • 22nd April - Weston Pools
  • 29th April - Flint Pool


  • 6th May - Milton Green (pool 4)
  • 13th May - The Rosie Pool (Wepre)
  • 20th May - Hampton DFT only
  • 27th - May - Heron-brook (New Canal)


  • 3rd June - Lingmere
  • 10th June - Brookside DFT only
  • 17th June - Yew Tree Pools
  • 24th June - Milton Green (pool 4)


  • 1st July - Brookside DFT only
  • 8th July - ***
  • 15th July - Weston Pools (Oswestry)
  • 22nd July - Milton Green (pool 4)
  • 29th July - ***


  • 5th August - Lingmere
  • 12th August - The Rosie Pool (Wepre)
  • 19th August - Saughall Pool
  • 26th August - ***


  • 2nd September - The Rosie Pool (Wepre)
  • 9th September - Bala Lake
  • 16th September - Flint Pool
  • 23rd September - Heron-Brook (Bridge Canal)
  • 30th September - Lingmere


  • 7th October - Hampton Springs
  • 14th October - Yew Tree Pools
  • 21st October - Old Hough (Lucky Dip & Prospect)
  • 28th October - Hampton Springs (Frankie Memorial)


  • 4th November - Lloyds Meadow (Badger)
  • 11th November - Weston Pools (Oswestry)
  • 18th November - Hampton Springs
  • 25th November - Lingmere


  • 2nd December - The Rosie Pool (Wepre)
  • 9th December - Saughall Pool
  • 16th December - ***
  • 23rd December - ***
  • 30th December - ***



Match Results - 27 December 2017

Here are the results of the match held at the Rosie earlier today.  Some good weights in the cold weather and the stockies are really putting the weight on.  The match was won from peg 1 with 56lb of fish, second place weighed in at 30lb 12oz from peg 29 and third place 14lb 11oz from peg 4.