Fish Care


There has been an incident at the Rosie regarding fish handling. An angler has been caught demonstrating terrible handling of an Eel which has resulted in some bad damage to the fish's jaw. This incident has been dealt with but the club would like to clarify a few things.

1) Landing nets and unhooking mats MUST be used at all times if the fish is too large to swing to hand (I.e small silvers).


2) Eels should be handled with care, they are delicate fish that will stress easily. If you can't see the hook, cut the line as close to the fishes mouth as you can. Also never handle them with rags, use wet hands and hold them gently. These fish have a protective slime and rags will remove this.

3)Excuses such as ' They are a pain' or 'They are too slimey to hold' are not any reason for bad handling.

The club prides itself on the condition and variety of all its fish and Eels are no different. Anyone found to be disregarding an Eels welfare will be dealt with in the same way as they would if it was a double figure Carp or a big Tench.

Thank you for your time.