Over the last few weeks there have been several instances where people have been found in breach of club rules. There have been several people found fishing without permits and promptly removed from the lake.  There have been quite a few members and day ticket anglers found fishing with no landing net or unhooking mat, line which is far heavier than 10lb, barbed hooks and fixed leads.  There have also been two members banned from the club for throwing fish into the bushes, this was reported by some of our regular anglers.  Bailiffs arrived along with the police and the culprits were removed from the lake and now face prosecution. 

The bailiff team are at the lake a lot and anybody found to be in breach of these rules will be asked to leave.  For members who continue to breach these rules the club will have no option but to issue a ban from the club.

Bailiffs may occasionally ask to do a rig check whilst you are fishing, if this happens please do not be offended, we just want to make sure the rules are being followed.  This is all to make sure we look after the fish for everybody to enjoy.

Thank you

The Bailiff Team.