Siltex - Tuesday 6th February 2018

On Tuesday 6th of Feb the bailiff team will be at the Rosie Pool for the morning applying Siltex to the lake.  The Siltex is a type of Chalk the we apply to the water at the beginning of each year.  Siltex is used as a natural alternative to dredging the silt from the lake bed, it is far less intrusive and does not harm the fish, animals or water quality.  The Siltex will, over time, break down the silt within the pool whilst also lowering acidity levels and providing essential Calcium to the plant and animal life at the Rosie.

The Ranger team will assist us by transporting both the Siltex and the club's boat to the lake.  The bailiffs will then empty bags of the Siltex over the side of the boat, all over the lake, running the boats propeller through it as we go.  This ensures the Siltex clouds up and disperses properly across the lake and does not sit in small piles on the lake bed.

Any members who wish to come along and see what goes on, lend a hand, or ask any questions are more than welcome.  Also don't forget AE Fisheries will be at the Rosie on the 25th January to net the fish and remove any small fish (under 3") in order to reduce the biomass of the pool and allow the rest of the fish to grow to their full potential.

We look forward to seeing you on the bank.  Here are some pictures of last years Chalking to give you an idea of what goes on.